Prekindergarten and Kindergarten
Readiness skills are the beginning of Alexandria Country Day School’s instructional program for Prekindergarten and Kindergarten which is designed to meet the needs of this age child through individually designed activities within the group setting. Experiences to provide for the whole child are offered in the classroom and in the community. Opportunities for the development of socialization skills are planned as the child interacts within a creative environment. Enthusiasm for learning is developed within the guidelines of age-appropriate structure. The kindergarten program is designed to assure a natural progression from kindergarten to first grade by providing the kinds of readiness and socialization skills necessary for a successful school beginning. The curriculum meets the needs of the total child through experiences in language arts, math, social living, computer awareness, fine arts, and physical education. Accelerated Reader and an outstanding library program add to this well-rounded curriculum.

Grades 1 - 8
The instructional program consists of language arts, (reading, English, spelling, writing, Accelerated Reading) mathematics, science, social studies, computer literacy, fine arts, physical education, and a foreign language. Mastery of essential skills, knowledge of subjects, and critical thinking are attained through multi-year sequential study, emphasizing the linking of both academic and applied knowledge throughout the curriculum.

All students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities which add a very important dimension to a child’s education.

Highly qualified teachers in specialized fields make possible the offering of high school credits in Algebra, physical science, foreign language, and computer literacy.

Physical Education
At Alexandria Country Day, students in all grades participate in physical education for 30-50 minutes a day.  The program includes Presidential Physical Fitness Challenge.  Physical education courses emphasize general physical fitness, improvement of fine, and gross motor skills, team work, sportsmanship and fun.

Curriculum Enrichment
Students in all grades participate in many different curriculum enrichment programs each week.  Students in grades PK-4 attend art, computers, library, music, and Spanish at least once per week for 30 minutes, while students in grades 5-8 attend these programs for 50 minutes a day, 12 weeks out of the year.  Many of the students' art work has been displayed in local art galleries, hospitals, and businesses in the area. 
Algebra I, PreAP English I, Physical Science, Technology Literacy and Spanish programs culminate by giving ACDS graduates the opportunity to earn high school credit.
Optional additional credits may be available through LSMSA online courses. 

Social Studies/History
Grade 5 Social Studies

In 5th grade social studies, students explore digital tools in a collaborative environment utilizing Chromebooks and working in teams at stand-sit tables. Geography is interwoven in studies of American history topics including Native American cultures, U.S., Spanish, French, and English Exploration, the American colonies, and the American Revolution. Multiple individual and group hands-on opportunities are provided to help meet learning styles and engage all students. Group projects include collaborative responsibilities of research and planning, development of models, and presentation of information. A highlight of the fifth grade social studies course is the Wax Museum project, in which students conduct individual research, construct a biographical presentation and perform a speech as their chosen explorer. Students and families visit the event and tour the Wax Museum, hearing and seeing the students in character as explorers.  Fifth graders end their year with a trip to Baton Rouge to make connections between state and national government.

Grade 6 Social Studies
In 6th grade social studies, students acquire digital skills in a collaborative environment utilizing Chromebooks and working in teams at stand-sit tables.  The course provides a brief overview of prehistoric times before exploring the world’s ancient river valley civilizations.  While learning about these advanced societies, students study geography, political structures, social hierarchies, religious beliefs, artistic achievements, technological advancements, and writing systems.  6th-grade social studies also analyzes Greek and Roman civilizations -- with an emphasis on the foundations these classical civilizations provided for American ideology.  Cultural diffusion is a major course theme as students “think like historians” and link the past with present times.

Grade 7 History
The historical focus changes to that of our local state in grade 7, as students delve deep into Louisiana history, culture, geography, government, economy, and political figures.  Students use Chromebooks and work together from stand-sit tables in learning teams, encouraging students to use digital tools in a 21st-century, collaborative environment. Real-world connections are also made throughout the course of study as students tackle real environmental issues that face Louisiana. During this project-based, student-led learning experience, students recycle, plant gardens, inform through skits and create multimedia presentations to make others aware of a disappearing state.  As the year progresses, seventh grade students create Louisiana ABC books, capturing and recording through pictures and brief descriptions, images of the state representative of their studies. The highlighted field trip this year is historic Natchitoches, Louisiana where students explore the oldest city and make connections to their in-class studies.

Garde 8 History
8th grade social studies explores American history from the Age of Exploration through the Civil War.  As students utilize Chromebooks and work together from stand-sit tables in learning teams, the course encourages students to use digital tools in a 21st-century, collaborative environment.  The class uses a variety of sources -- digital and print -- secondary and primary --  facilitating student development of critical historical analysis skills.  8th-grade social studies explores the political foundations of American democracy and links the study of history to current events.  Students have the opportunity to participate in an end-of-year trip to Washington, D.C. that also includes study visits to Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg, and Gettysburg. 

Standardized Testing
Grades 3-8:

Students in grades third through eighth participate in the CTP4 Testing Program.  The CTP is a challenging test designed to distinguish learning among students at the highest level.  It includes a battery of tests in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics.  It also contains verbal and quantitative reasoning tests as well as achievement tests.  The test was developed for ERB by ETS which also develops the SAT test and Advanced Placement tests.  The test identifies the strengths and weaknesses before the school year ends, allows ACDS to make needed adjustments to the curriculum, and allows Country Day to compare achievements with national private schools who maintain the highest academic standards.


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